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¡¡¡¡ The predecessor of Sanjing Pharm is Chinese state-owned enterprise¡ª¡ªHarbin third pharmaceutical factory, which was founded in 1950. For tens of years, our company has developed into a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise from single variety and dose form to many kinds of varieties, many dose forms as well as equal attention paid for medical materials and preparations, moreover, our company had become Chinese A-share company. Currently, Sanjing Pharm mainly produces and sells OTC products with prescription drugs as supplement. Our company mainly produces and manages Chinese and western medicine small volume injections, oral liquid, oral solution, mixtures, aerosol, pills, dropping pills, raw medicine, sterile raw medicine, powder injection, little capacity injections, tablets, capsules, granules, freeze-dried injections and so on 20 dose forms and more than 700 specifications and varieties, which has formed abundant products lineup. Sanjing Pharm has seven varieties that are sold more than £€100 millions and 10 varieties more than £€10 millions. The production capability of oral liquid is greatest in Asia and reaches 1.2 billions ampoules per year.

¡¡¡¡Our company has invested approximate £€100 millions to establish research and development center, which was formally put to use at the beginning of 2005, the research and development center owns 12 labs, 3 pilot-test workshops and more than 100 test equipments, testing instruments and pilot equipments, which can satisfy the research, development and pilot test of Sanjing dose forms.

¡¡¡¡Since 2000, our company has finished the industrial layout of General Medicine Production Base, Chinese Traditional Medicine Production Base, Health Product Production Base, Children Drug Production Base and Raw Medicine Production Base via capital expansion that will become the solid foundation and important growth points of our company. In 2005, our company was renamed as ¡°Harbin Pharm. Group Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd¡±. Up to September 2007, Sanjing Pharm has developed into the large-group-type listed firm of pharmaceutical industry with £€2.7 billions total assets, £€1.8 billions annual sales, 27 sharing and holding subsidiaries and more than 2-million m2 floor area.

Development Survey of International Trade

¡¡¡¡Sanjing Pharm that owns foreign-trade import and export authority has fully developed in import and export business in recent 20 years. Resorting to perfect quality guarantee system, the production environment that accords with international standards, scale production capability, Sanjing products broad market prospect as well as the matured and stable marketing network that is all over China and is established in approximate 60 years, the company exports self-made products, at the same time, our company can also receive the medical products business of production, manufacture, product agent and so on at home and abroad. Sanjing Pharm sincerely hopes to negotiate and cooperate with friends from all over the world.

¡¡¡¡Our company can manage wholesale chemical preparations, Chinese patent medicine, antibiotics, biochemical medicine, chemical raw medicine, narcotics, psychotropic drugs; and health food; the company can also perform import and export of goods, import and export of technologies and other business.

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